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Video Production Company Services

What makes a good promotional video you ask? We think a good promotional video is one that’s professional, engaging and of high quality (humorous is a plus too). Prime Videos create amazing videos that achieve all of the above! Producing top notch videos is what we live and breathe. We take pride in what we do and will achieve fantastic results for your business.


Prime Videos is a Video Advertising Agency based in Melbourne. We are a team of marketers who specialise in Advertising and Marketing. Anything from traditional to digital marketing, you name it we do it! We are looking to help businesses grow by creating high quality advertising videos. We take pride in our work and guarantee to produce the best advertising videos for your business. We live by our motto ‘Showing Results will be our Prime Objective, Your Goals are Our Goals’.

Promotional Video

Are you looking to promote a product, service or to demonstrate how a product works? If so, promotional video is for you. Promotional videos help generate greater audience engagement. Your message will be delivered clearly and easily if you utilise promotional videos. After all, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Website Video

Are you looking to communicate a clear message to people who visit your website? Website video is engaging video content that is featured directly on a website. Website video helps create engagement with visitors and can generate even greater traffic, as video-based content is far more engaging than just words on a page.

Corporate Video

Corporate video is perfect for your business if you are looking to further promote your company or brand. Corporate videos are used to deliver your company's vision, culture, history and practices. Corporate videos help deliver a clear message to potential clients so they understand what your company is all about, before they decide to utilise your services.

Drone Aerial Video

Do you wish to capture video that helps your business stand out from the crowd? If so, Drone Aerial Video is perfect for your business. Drone videography captures video that is impossible for human videographers to take. A drone captures specific shots from impossible angles and enables a first-person view, which is perfect, especially if you manage a business like a real estate agency that aims to showcase properties to potential buyers.

Show off your skills.

Prime Videos offers various services listed below. We are skilled and experienced in creating videos that delivers clear messages to the audience. And being creative is what we do best.



Drone Videography

Set Clear Objectives

Research Target Audience & Market

Develop Ideas & Stories

Script & Storyboard

Film, Animate, & Edit

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