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Professional Drone Videography & Photography Services

The drone craze has really taken off. Experts predict there will be over $1 billion drones sold by the end of 2018. However, owning a drone is not without its challenges. Not only is purchasing a drone expensive, it’s also difficult to obtain a licence and to adhere to the rules while flying it. That’s why you should leave the drone videography to us! 


Prime videos offers drone services at an affordable rate minus the hassle. Our team are experienced professionals in drone videography, so you can rest assured we will take incredible aerial photos and videos for your business.  


Aerial Videography

As technologies continue to improve and quickly advance, its time to look at things from a new perspective. By employing our services, you can bring your videography and photography to the next level. 


Aerial videography unlocks infinite possibilities as to how a video can be. Aerial videography helps capture stunning shots from different angles and allows your creativity to run wild.