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5 Types of Drone Aerial Shots You Should Know

5 Types of Drone Aerial Shots You Should Know

What is all the hype about drone shots? You see them everywhere, you hear them everywhere and maybe some part of you even acknowledges that it’s time you make use of them.

As you know, drones are getting increasingly popular in video marketing these days. This is because drones are able to record audio and video images that are not otherwise able to be captured by humans. These breath-taking shots are now made possible with this autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle.

Whether it’s capturing sceneries from the top of the hill or skimming across the surface of the ocean, this is where those magical aerial shots that touch people’s hearts are made.

Now maybe before you decide to make use of this magnificent technology, maybe you would like to know more about it. So, here are some types of shots that are possible with drones:

1. The Orbit Shot:

Flying in a circle around an object while maintaining the same altitude. This is one of the shots which requires immense precision, as it requires you to turn in a complete 360-degree circle on the object. We won’t say this is an easy shot, but its cinematic effect is definitely something that is worth taking the time to learn.

2. The Reveal:

The stuff that movies are made of; the suspense before you reveal the main focus or subject of your shot. Yes, that’s what art is my friend! It is also one of the drone aerial shots that we’d recommend you have a good understanding of. By flying your drone over surrounding areas, you can hide the main subject from the view of your audience before the perfect revealing shot. Hear that? The perfect cure to boring shots.

3. The Fly Over:

You’ve seen this one. Many commercials, television shows and even music videos use fly-over shots. Doing these types of drone aerial shots is the perfect way to highlight the grand scale of the scene you’re trying to reveal to the viewer. Essentially, the drone simply flies over the view. It’s not surprising, however, why many use this when you see how beautiful the result can be.

4. Backwards:

No one said that flying has to only go in one direction! This particular shot is the perfect remedy for transitioning from one scene to the next. With your drone flying backward from your focused subject, you can utilise this technique to give your viewers a sense that they’re moving to a new scene and that the subject is becoming less of a focus. This shot gives a smooth transition with a dash of drama – like killing two birds with one stone.

5. The Chase:

Just like the name suggests, you’re basically following your subject from behind. You can either plan out whether to chase your subject in a straight line which is easier, or in random paths. Coordinate and try doing this in an open area with no hindrance!

These are just a few of the types of shots that cover the drone’s possibility. There are heaps of others and remember to be creative; combining shots is not forbidden therefore you have endless possibilities. Now, after knowing more about drones, you don’t have to hesitate to make use of them any longer. Let your artistic side flow and see for yourself how drone aerial videography can change your video production game.

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