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Benefits of Using a Drone

Benefits of Using a Drone

The world we live in today is constantly changing and developing, drones are no longer considered a modern technique to video or photographing content. They are considered the standard for any content creator, whether it be business, lifestyle or just casual, a drone is a necessary device in order to be able to compete with the massive industry. Using a drone to stand out is losing its wow factor, instead, you are being left behind if you do not have your hands on one. It’s efficiency, easiness and role as the standard in film and photography makes the drone an absolute must in the growing field. But for those who need a little more convincing, let’s have a look at why exactly a drone makes perfect sense for you.

One of the major reasons that drones are the path people are taking, is because of the health and safety it offers. Quite often for a lot of content creators, the most interesting places and objects are dangerous ones, they are what catch the attention of the audience. But when wanting to get some great footage, will any workers or colleagues want to crawl through pipes? Or walk through dangerous terrain? Probably not, this is where the drone really comes into play. They eliminate the need for workers to physically access hostile environments, where factors such as height, wind, waves, weather, and radiation can lead to accidents or health issues. Drones can easily access difficult-to-reach areas while eliminating the need for a human to go there using risky mechanical tools. On top of this, it is a much quicker process!

So you no longer need to risk your own or others safety to get a great shot, but how about a wide range shot as well? Let us say, for example, we were wanting to get footage or an abandoned house or factory, the best way to give your audience a real understanding of the layout is to get a really nice bird’s eye view shot, perhaps the roof is damaged and you can even see inside. The ability to take a great aerial shot from above creates so much fabulous content that could not have been achieved without a drone. Unless of course, you are willing to go down the path of hiring a very expensive crane or helicopter and have the time to go through that long process.

Continuing our somewhat comparison of drones compared to other methods of filmography, we cannot go past the efficiency. Drones are very easy to transport, and advantage over mast photography. Transport of the masts can be time-consuming and costly. Particular equipment is needed including either a van or a 4×4 to make aerial photography masts portable. Whereas aerial drones are far easier to transport and can be taken in a car or carried anywhere. No special equipment is needed for the transport of an aerial drone which makes it a much easier hassle free method of capturing aerial images for many photographers. Along with the efficiency of the whole process, this directly leads to so much time saving, getting the footage itself as well as any preplanning, the whole process is incredibly easy and quick giving you more time to put towards the more critical things on your list.

Taking a turn away from the actual footage for one moment, the cost of advertising can be an expensive one. Billboards do not come cheap, especially in prime locations. But how is this relevant to a drone exactly? It is actually quite easy to attach things to your drone. Instead of a billboard, you are now able to attach a large message or advertisement on behalf of your company which creates such a significantly cheaper method of billboard-like advertising. Along with this, prime locations can easily be accessed, even multiple during the flight to really get a lot of exposure for your brand. Perhaps the days of still advertising are on the way out.

A final point on how significantly important drones are in 2019, is how the relevant technologies are appreciating drones. Editing software, hardware accessories, and camera technology is all now planning and developing their products with drones in mind. Whether it be types of edits, attachments to a drone or the camera’s ability, many of the new products coming out in the near future are based on how to not just be compatible with a drone, but make the drone already better than it currently is. The industry is understanding the importance of drones are following suit, make sure you do not get left behind.

When we look at it from an overall perspective, it is clear that the drone and what it offers is simply unmissable in these modern times. Day by day it is becoming more of the standard. Whether it be its shooting ability, its ability to be used for advertising, or its influence on the industry as a whole, it is simply something that your brand cannot do without otherwise you will be left behind. The easy nature of the tool and its ability to get jobs done in such a timely manner means it really is the ideal piece of equipment. It really does offer something for every kind of content creator, from lifestyle to a professional organisation, make sure to get your hands on a drone today.

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