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How to Set the Tone for Your Professional Video Advertising

How to Set the Tone for Your Professional Video Advertising

Think back to a time when you’ve read through an email from a colleague or a friend, and it’s rubbed you the wrong way. Then, upon confronting them, you’ve realised that you’ve completely misread the situation. Did you feel frustrated? Now, imagine that the ‘email’ is your brand’s message. The ‘colleague’ is your entire audience. How does professional video advertising sound now?

These situations may seem trivial, but they are vital in remembering how delicate human emotions are. The tone is so important when it comes to conveying a message. For this reason, professional video advertising is astronomically more impactful than text alone. Yes, with the text you can communicate critical information. You can even try to explain tone in words or use a still image to attempt to convey emotion. 

Give Miscommunication a Miss

Nothing beats a moving image, a soaring soundtrack or a human voice; or a combination of the three! This is because these don’t allow the human brain to create a tone based on its interpretation. In a professional video advertisement, the tone is set. This is crucial in creating a strong brand image that you desire.

Emotional Appeals in Video Advertising

Emotional appeals are some of the most reliable ways of impacting an audience. Humour, fear, sadness and happiness are most commonly used. These are emotions that are widely experienced and therefore wonderfully relatable. Consider this: an image of a smiling woman and her child hugging. Now, consider this: a slow-motion pan around a mother and her child embracing. The sound of a child’s laughter. In the background is a beautiful piano filled soundtrack.

Which message would affect you more? Which message is more likely to hold your attention? Even if you don’t personally connect with the image, a human voice and emotive music are guaranteed ways to ensure consideration.

Informative Appeals in Video Advertising

This is equally as important when considering informative videos. The tone must be set for formal and structured information. Do you want your message to be conveyed clearly and directly? What better way than having a human voice and face. This along with good sound and good lighting will ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten.

A Professional Touch

You see, using high-quality professional video advertising gives your brand more credibility. It also allows you to convey a stronger and more impactful message. In using a still image or text alone, you’re leaving your message and tone in the hands of somebody else’s interpretation. Therefore, even if you have an incredible message, platform and idea, these can get completely lost. The difference lies in the added support of verbal and visual tone-setting.

This is where the professionals come into play. We take your message and translate it into a delicious, bite-sized snack of a video for your audience to enjoy. It’s an art. No, a science. If human emotions are science, then so is creating and playing with them. Skip the back and forward. Skip the miscommunication. Get straight to the point, tell the story you want to tell and tell it well.

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