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Tips for Producing High Quality Video Content

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Tips for Producing High Quality Video Content

When it comes to producing video content, there’s a lot to keep in mind. We’ve all seen those shaky videos that were probably taken with a 10-year old Nokia.

The thing is, creating videos at a decent level of quality doesn’t need to be that hard. Anyone can do it if they follow a few basic principles. Your video won’t look like it was made by a professional – a bit more work goes into that. But it will look way better than a shaky phone video.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

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Keep it Steady

The first tip is easy. You need to get rid of that shaky camera. In order to fix this, you’ll have to abandon holding the camera with your hands. Even a brain surgeon wouldn’t have a steady enough hand to remove the visible shake of a camera.

The simple solution is to buy a tripod. You can find them fairly cheap nowadays. You can also use sturdy supports such as the ground, a platform or a wall to hold a camera steady during shooting.

Avoid Pointless Zooms and Pans

The zoom and pan features do have their place in certain areas of video production, however, they’ve become sadly overused. Often, these movements end up distracting from what you’re actually trying to film. This often results in a lower quality video.

Pay Attention to Sound

The sound is important and it’s often underestimated. Go watch an action-packed YouTube video with the sound off. It loses something, doesn’t it? The sound is pivotal to the story you wish to tell through your video.

Whenever shooting, always make sure the sound is set correctly. This means that the audio should be picking up everything that you want to be heard – everything important to the video. This also means ensuring that the audio isn’t picking up anything extra. The sound of a plane in the background or your friends’ unnaturally loud breathing, for example. Some of these noises are unavoidable, and this is where editing is crucial.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a nice even photo of themselves inside knows that lighting can be a real hassle. Your average home or office lighting simply won’t be good enough to ensure a good quality video (as well as those fluorescent lights being incredibly unflattering).

On that note, you should invest in some extra lighting equipment to avoid that shadowy or ghostly look. It also allows you to manipulate the story to a greater degree and choose the exact mood that you want.

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Use a Green Screen

This is simple. A green screen will dramatically change the potential of your video. It gives you the ability to add special effects into a real-time video. It’s a worthy investment for any budding videographer.

Employing all of these tips will dramatically improve your ability to produce high-quality video. You won’t be a professional, but it’s a start.

Good luck!

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