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What Your Video Content Should Look Like

What Your Video Content Should Look Like

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Straight off we can see that the importance of video content for any business is critical in regards to whether it will be successful or not. So we know very quickly that video productions are going to be but what should they look like in order to get ahead of the rest of your competition?

You cannot start the development of your video production until you take some time to fully understand who you’re targeting, and the characteristics attached to them. To get to that point, you firstly need to look at your own service or product and decide how your offer meets the needs of that target audience. After that, think about the main demographics and psychologic characteristics, you then can develop a video production with these key things in mind.

It is important when making the video to remember that your main goal of the video is to make your potential customer’s life easier. Try to identify the main pain points he/she has in each of the buyer’s journey stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. The only way to offer them a valuable solution is to know exactly what their needs are and how to be the cure to any problems they may have.

In terms of what people want to see, make sure to keep it simple. Try not to overload your audience with too much information, they can only take in so much at a time, and people rarely want to watch the same video twice, there is too much content on the internet for that. Get to the point, make it interesting, don’t give your audience the chance to stop watching, if they feel like they can’t put their phone down or else they’ll miss something, then they will keep watching.

So you have created your video, its a masterpiece and you think it is time to show it off. Where should you post it? Make it easy to find. This doesn’t just mean put it right in the middle of your front page (although the front page is a very good idea!), but make sure when posting the video externally, perhaps a youtube channel, that the video has a simple yet effective name. Make it easy to find in a google search. Your audience is only willing to give up so much of their time, make sure you are there to show off your business!

Overall, the art of video development is an enjoyable one but in order to be effective, we need to have some sort of plan to then execute during production. Figure out who your audience is and then once you know, target their needs and make you the answer to all their problems. Keep it simple, to the point and entertaining. And of course, make sure you are easy to find if you have an incredible video ready to go, make sure it’s given every chance to flourish for your business.

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