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Why opt for Promotional Videos?

Why opt for Promotional Videos?

Did you know that video marketing is used by at least 61% of businesses today? And out of that 61 %, 45% of them uses promotional videos?

Yes, this is true. It may be because promotional videos have been proven to increase the click-through of your product, the conversion rate or maybe just it’s overall performance .

A promotional video is a type of video that is used to promote your business and educate your customers on your products or services. But why are promotional videos so effective?

1. Informative:

Place yourself in the shoe of a consumer. Would you be hesitant in buying a product that you don’t know anything about? This is exactly what everyone feels and promo videos are a great solution. By showing aspects and features of the product, you can wipe away their skepticism. Sometimes just words can’t explain some things.

2. Emotion-based:

There are too many editings and photoshops going on these days that it’s becoming hard to trust what is real and what is not. By using videos and showing real human movements and expressions, you can ignite a sense of humanity in your product as well as subconsciously build loyalty with your customers.

3. Visual Advantage:

Did you know that there are seven different types of learners? And one of them happens to be visual learners. Yes, you’re getting our point right – people prefer watching how-to videos rather than read manuals. If so then, just by having how-to videos will help you outshine your competitors when a consumer is in a dilemma over which product to use. Naturally, if you’ve never used both products yet one of them have a video and the other one doesn’t, you will choose the former.

Additionally, do you know that according to statistics, more people watch rather than read?

4. Familiarity:

Of course, this doesn’t only apply to well-established brands. Videos are great to introduce a brand new product into the market. Usually, something new always makes your consumer feel like they are in a foreign territory. With videos, you can smoothly introduce your product as well as attached a positive image behind em’. This is of course important since no one wants to buy a bad image product…

5. Viral Chance:

Promotional videos are posted on the internet. This means that there are chances that your video might just go viral! Being viral means that you will reach millions of people. Not only does it cover a large base of consumers but since your videos are going to be the talk of the town, your chances of conversion rates just plummeted through the roof.

These are just some of the basic advantages of using a promotional video as your marketing tool but if we go on, the list is practically endless! Don’t get left behind as more and more businesses are using this tool at their disposal because we can tell that videos are no more just a passing trend, it’s staying for good. If you’re looking for a cutting edge video production melbourne company get in tough with us.

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