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Why You Should be Using a Drone to Produce Your Video Content

Why You Should be Using a Drone to Produce Your Video Content

Video production content is one of the more difficult aspects of media marketing. The average human has an attention span when consuming video content of 8 seconds. With the digital age becoming more and more prominent, the task has become even more difficult for businesses with people consuming content at an unbelievably rapid pace in many forms over many different platforms. Companies understand now that a lack of online presence along with lack of video content to support it will leave these businesses behind. So it begs the question, how can you get your video content to stand out and attract an audience? The answer is finally here, 2019 is set to be the year of the drone. It is an absolutely essential product for any organisation wishing to create an impactful video production for their online footprint. 

Most industries and marketing departments have become incredibly skilful in their use of video content for marketing, there have been years of experimenting and the most effective videos are certainly known now and used quite often. However, not everyone has ventured into using drones. Therefore, this helps for you to stand out, it gives your video far greater quality of content due to the incredible angles you can get, exploring landscapes and plans that previously were unable to be done. It could also be as simple as gaining a client because “the company that has those awesome drone videos!”, it may seem basic but it gets results!

The ability to get extra creative is a clear advantage over competitors, as discussed there are so many extra shots you can get. From the reveal, which is the idea of starting close up to something and slowly moving out the reveal the surroundings from an aerial view to the neighbourhood view which shows a large area from a bird’s eye view. These types of shots can be extremely useful for a quick piece of social media content. Allowing quick access and hopefully avoiding the dreaded scroll from your inpatient audience.

One of the most underrated and underused, by some, types of content are behind the scenes videos. The effect of behind the scenes content is that it can improve the connection between your business and its customers and drone is a fun way to make your videos more interesting and engaging. They are useful for perhaps overlooking a large business lunch or event, a drive, or even the manufacturing of the product.

The video era is no longer just a video one anymore, the drone era is well and truly upon us, don’t let your company get left behind and take control of your video content. Make sure your audience is amazed at your content, stand out, do not be just another marketing video that is skipped within 8 seconds. Whether it be a wide overlooking shot of an event or location or a wide reveal shot, make sure your quality product or service is complemented by a quality video production using a drone. Go get filming! 

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