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Marketers have been utilising video-based content for a while now but it’s only this year that it’s become one of the most popular marketing trends.

According to Wyzowl video marketing statistics from last year, 83% of businesses believe incorporating video into their marketing strategy provided them with a good Return on Investment (ROI). Video advertising is much more effective than text as there is a much greater chance a consumer will purchase a particular product after watching a video from a brand as opposed to just reading about it.

There are a few reasons why Video based Marketing is effective. Human vision is the most dominant human sense and is very sensitive to moving objects and colours. Videos can also be extremely engaging and trigger particular emotions, which is an important factor that influences whether or not a customer buys a specific product. 


If a consumer is actively engaged when watching a video, they focus more attention on a particular product being advertised and will be more likely to remember the brand afterwards.

It is extremely important for your business to be utilising video-based advertising and it should be an important part of your company’s marketing strategy. To find out more about how video-based advertising is perfect for your business, get in touch with us today!


Why Video Marketing?

Having a video embedded on your website helps improve your website ranking. Google loves videos. Visitors are known to spend more time on a particular website when videos are included. A longer amount of exposure to video based content builds trust with customers and informs Google’s search engine that your website has good content.


Since Google owns Youtube, it is smart to utilise video based advertising for SEO purposes. A video advertisement can also be used to link back to your website/product, which results in a greater amount of customers buying the products you sell.

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