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Video Production Branding in Melbourne

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Video Production Branding in Melbourne

We’re living in the age of technology. Everyone has the internet in their pocket and consumers are developing a shorter-attention span by the minute.

It’s this realization that makes your branding vitally important. You need to catch the targets eye. You need to stand out. And it’s harder than ever.

It’s becoming vital that marketers step out of the stone age and embrace video production. It provides a whole new angle of branding opportunities.

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Why Video Production for Branding?


There are a few key reasons that video branding can be so effective.

The first is that it creates visuals to go along with that brands story. Visuals are exactly what you need to catch someone’s eye in the first place. And the actual content of the video is the perfect opportunity to help the target better understand what message you’re trying to deliver.

Another reason is simply that the video provides an opportunity to humanize the brand. People won’t trust a corporate machine and with good reason.

But if you can find a way to display the humans on the other side of the video. If you can share real human spirit and interaction.

It can lead to greatly improved relationships with the consumers. And that’s vital to successful marketing.


Principles of Video Production


When it comes to actually producing a video for your brand, there are some things to keep in mind:

Keep it short


Do you remember me mention people’s short attentions spans earlier? Well, this is why you need to keep it short. People typically aren’t going to watch a 30-minute video about your company. You need to get your message across fast.

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Make it flashy


Just like your videos need to be short, they also need to be flashy. You need something to catch the targets interest in the first place and keep them watching. Research suggests that a video often loses 20% of its viewers in the first 10 seconds.

And I’m certainly guilty of clicking away from a video without giving it a real chance.

So, you’ll need to make it flashy enough to be given that chance.


Focus on a single message


We’ve already gathered that you’re going to have to work hard to get people’s attention and even harder to keep it.

You can imagine that it’s quite a bad idea to bombard them with information at that point. Provide one key message. Provide your brands key message and let them digest it without competing information.


To properly utilize these principles, it’s vital that you have a deep understanding of both your target consumers and your own brand.

You need to know what makes these people tick, what they’ll pay attention to and what about your brand will appeal to them.

Once you know that, you can develop a message in-line with your brand that will hit the mark.

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